Céline Louche professeur à Audencia reçoit le prix Dark Side Case Competion 2014 de l’AOM !

IMAG1004Céline Louche, enseignant-chercheur à Audencia et Nigel Roome, enseignant-chercheur à Vlerick Business School , ont gagné le prix Dark Side Case Competition 2014 de l’AOM (Academy of Management) pour leur étude de cas :

« A 60 second clip to create change : palm oil role play« 

lors du 74ème congrès annuel tenu en août, à Philadelphie. Fondée en 1936, l’Academy of Management est le plus ancien et le plus important regroupement de chercheurs en management dans le monde, avec quelque 20 000 membres de 109 pays.

Résumé de l’étude de cas :

On March 17, 2010 Greenpeace launched a new campaign against Nestlé – the ‘Kit Kat campaign’. At stake: deforestation, unsustainable use of natural resources, climate change, endangered species… Although Nestlé was directly targeted by the campaign, other actors such as companies in the same sector, the suppliers and marketers of palm oil, and NGOs protecting the rainforest were also affected. The campaign went viral within a few days.

This case examines a case of ’targeted social activism’ aimed at a company with high brand value and a growing reputation for responsible business. It uses a revealing case linked to a two round role play to illustrate the tactics, challenges and managerial choices that arise when a company is subject to ‘targeted social activism’ by an NGO. The objectives of the case are threefold:

  • To provide a better understanding the impact of organisations on society in a dynamic context shaped by the unfolding positions and actions of a number of organisations;
  • To comprehend organisations and their actions in a more systemic perspective than usual; seizing on the complexity and context dependent nature of sustainability.
  • To address the question of change not only at the organisational but also at the field level through the phenomenon of targeted social activism.

The case provides a very real and challenging introduction to many contemporary aspects of corporate responsibility and sustainability in companies and provides critical insight into management practices and choice.

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